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Would Winston Pass As A Snap?

Would Winston pass as a snap? I am talking about Elliott Erwitt, of course. There definitely is a dog, Some would even say they find a dash if honour. What … Continue reading

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At The Gallery (Camera Work, Berlin)

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The Seven Ups: What I Learned About Street Photography Without Asking Anybody Else.

Good morning this morning. When it comes down to it the best teacher you can have is yourself. Be inspired, of course. Make friends and learn from them but make … Continue reading

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What Sturgeon’s Law May Tell You About Street Photography.

I became aware of this late last night. Yes, you could say that Sturgeon’s  Law is nothing but a repetition of what Vilfredo Pareto (1848 – 1923) already indicated in … Continue reading

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Ways Of Seeing.

No words to accompany this. Sorry.

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Reinventing Contax G2. Never Would I Have Dreamed Of It.

True. Never would I have dreamed of it. I have decided to revitalise my old Contax G2. Why? Because I find it to be an excellent camera in an excellent … Continue reading

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An Amazing Community

Seems that two of my shots were celebrated within the same week. What can I say: Thank you Street Photography in The World. You definitely have made an amazing community. With … Continue reading

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Men Act, Women Appear

One of the most inspiring thinkers you can meet in this industry is John Berger. One of the most inspiring books you can read is his Ways Of Seeing. First … Continue reading

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Kudos To Tony Cearns and Levi Shand For Historical Brilliance

October 3 I shared this video from Leica Gallery Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is a celebration of 100 years of Leica photography. Plenty of great examples of street photography are honoured. … Continue reading

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As They Say: We Live In Interesting Times.

What a relief. I am about ready to ship the application for the Norwegian grant, I have mentioned elsewhere. This morning I nailed the last words in the project description … Continue reading

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