One evening no later than quarter to eight.

One evening in November 2013. No later than a quarter to eight. Outside darkness had fallen and inside lights were dim.

At Chez Brel at Savignyplatz in Berlin. What used to be West Berlin. And still is West Berlin.

I rested by in the bar and took a series of picture with my Leica X2. Of the young people serving there. Perhaps capturing the mood of the evening. Yes, I asked for permission and was granted it.

Chez Brel is named after Jacques Brel, the Belgian/French entertainer who died in 1978.

If you don’t know his name, you might know his music. Here is his most famous song Ne me quitte pas, performed by himself.

You don’t want to go there. Chez Brel is not chez brel anymore. It closed a few years back.

But this was, as I stated, one evening before eight o’clock. In 2013.


© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved.

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