Pardon my French: Edmund Husserl

After Midnight © Knut Skjærven.

«It is common experience that the excellence of an artist’s mastery over his material, and the decisive certainty with which he judges and assesses works in his art, is only quite exceptionally based on a theoretical knowledge of the rules which prescribe direction and order to his practice, and determine the standards of value on which the perfection or imperfection of the work must be assessed. Normally the practising artist is not the man who can inform us rightly regarding the principles of his art. He follows principles neither in his creation nor his evaluation. In his creation he follows the inner activity of his harmoniously trained powers, in his judgement his finely formed artistic taste and feeling. This is not merely so in the case of fine art, of which one may have first thought, but in that of the arts generally, in the widest sense of the word.»

Edmund Husserl: Logical Investigations, Volume I, Page 58, Routledge and Kegan Poul, New York 1970. Translated by J.N. Findlay.

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København, den 1. september 2018.

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