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A Glimpse Into Personal Coach Program (PCP): Module 4: Rule Of Thirds.

Royal Pink© Knut Skjærven

Royal Pink© Knut Skjærven


New Street Agenda – Personal Coach Program (CPC) is already running with its first participants.

Even if the coach sessions are private, some of the briefings will be published. Here is the briefing for Module 4 for a participant. It deals with Rule Of Thirds and how you can compose a photograph according to these rules.  To get both visual balance and tension.

Module 4 comes with a) the main in briefing (here slightly adapted) that you can read below; b) an illustration that can you see as the picture above; and c) an opportunity to read more by reference or more internet sources.Within two weeks, the participants shoots up to 10 photographs that are all commented upon. As well as a more general evaluation is given.You can read more about PCP at  New Street Agenda – Personal Coach Program (CPC).  The course runs over 12 weeks in 7 different module.

The combinations of modules will vary based on the participant. A content analysis based on selected works provided by the participant at the beginning of the course, will set the direction for the program. There is similar analysis at the end of the course to measure the progress made over the 12 weeks.Welcome to a glance into the New Street Agenda – Personal Coach Program (CPC).

If want further information you could use the Contact Form at the end of this post, or simply write to knut@skjerven.com.

If you don’t have access to G+ that are the platform for New Street Agenda – Personal Coach Program (CPC). please let me know.

Good luck with it. Have a good day.

DURATION: TWO WEEKS.Welcome to Module 4 that runs the next two weeks.You may already know the Rule of Thirds.Rule of Thirds is supposed torender pleasant but also visually exiting images.It is not that hard:You take any picture format, rectangle or square, divide the frame three ways both vertically and horizontally.  See the red lines in the assisting image that goes with this module (separate post). The points where the (red) linescrossare called EYES.The areas close to, and in parallel with, the vertical and the horizontal lines, we call CENTRIC HORIZONTALS and CENTRIC VERTICALS.In the illustration you have two of each: UPPER CENTRIC HORIZONTAL and LOWER CENTRIC HORIZONTAL. Add LEFT CENTRIC VERTICAL and RIGHT CENTRIC VERTICAL. They are the four CENTRICS that we deal with.In the assisting illustration, I have marked what I consider to be the PERCEIVED CENTER of the image. That is marked with green lines.

Please note how the PERCEIVED CENTER is concentrated around the LEFT CENTRIC VERTICAL (around the lady with the pink hat). See also how strong the LOWER CENTRIC HORIZONTAL is (around the bench and the knees of the three persons).

This structure, so to speak, LOCKS the photograph into place. Giving it a pleasing and a balanced expression. At the same time it creates a TENSION because the PERCEIVED CENTER is not in the middle of the frame.

Here is the task for Module 4: You are kindly asked to take a series of photographs where there are distinct vertical as well as horizontal lines. Try to place these lines so they honour Rule of Thirds (or as close as you can get to it).

You should also try to include a PERCEIVED CENTER in the Rule of Thirds GRID (the red lines). This could be a group of people or only one person.

I know that this may sound a bit cryptic, since some of the terms used are invented for the occasion. But it is not hard once you learnt to see “the thirds”.

Please study the assisting illustration and also consult the text from Wikipedia, that comes with Module 4.

Ask as much as you like.

Good luck.

Best regards

October 2014.

The TAKEAWAY from this Module is knowledge of the terms: RULE OF THIRDS,  EYES, CENTRIC HORIZONTALS, CENTRIC VERTICALS, GRID, ANCHOR, and their definitions. But first and foremost, the initial training in shooting for this type of composition.

Personal Coach Program (CPC) costs EURO 1.500 and runs over 12 weeks in seven modules. CPC is developed and coached by Knut Skjærven.

© Knut Skjærven
All rights reserved.



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