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AIDA Is Not Only An Opera by Verdi / New Street Agenda


On The Fly © Knut Skjærven

On The Fly © Knut Skjærven

No, it is not. Nor was it performed for the first time in Egypt in 1871. Well, the opera was.

It is also a four letter word that stands for attraction; interest; desire; and action. Take the first four letters and you get AIDA.

AIDA is one of the simplest and most useful guidelines for doing good advertising.

In a certain mood, it could also be an efficient guide for doing good street photography.

Why is that?

Because as a piece of visual communication AIDA is what you want to go with it.

Most of the time.

Let’s pose the opposite questions: Do you not want attraction? Do you not want interest? Do you not want interest? Do you not want action?

You would hardy deny any of these unless the mission for your street photography is very special.

But I agree. Street photography should not solely live on the premises of advertising. You don’t need to practice AIDA but you need to know of it so you can pick and chose from the value chain that comes with it.

For those who enjoy AIDA:

You could achieve attraction by having a single point of entry in your photograph. You could achieve interest by making that entry out of the ordinary. You could achieve desire by making the whole image an enjoyment. You could achieve action by having people say: I must own that.

Tired of AIDA in street photography you could always turn to the advertising business.

As a photographer.

© Knut Skjærven

Link to the original post at ON THE GO: Workbook for New Street Agenda.




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