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Wall of Visions / New Street Agenda

Visions © Knut Skjærven

Visions © Knut Skjærven

There is a wall in Europe. It is not an iron curtain or the wall in Berlin. It is not a solid wall at all.

You are free to visit both sides of the wall. There is no one there to stop you.

But somehow someone seldom do.

You may have heard of this separation. It is wall of science. Two different ways of seeing. Often symbolized by The English Channel. Dividing the world in an Anglo-Saxon way of seeing, and a Continental way of seeing.

On the one side UK, US with Scandinavia in a sidecar. On the other side Germany, France, Italy and maybe Spain.

Let’s remember them at the Continental Way and the Anglo-Saxon Way.

They have other names as well. The Anglo-Saxon Way is sometimes called as a way of explanation. The Continental Way is sometimes named a way of understanding. The first deals with bit and pieces, the second with larger structures.

How do this reflect on New Street Agenda? It is a nice to know or a need to know or, maybe, a not to know?

Look at is this way: Are images, pictures, photographs, street photographs objects in an external world that the human brain visually captures and thereafter possible explains? After having thought about them for a while? Or are these objects already understood, or partly understood, the spit second you approach them or they approach you?

Ways if seeing. You may certainly call it that.

Difficult questions. Those who specialises do not always agree.  That is why they are called specialists.

As for the mediating approach of New Street Agenda the two ways come together. What is sound and practical should be reconed.

Complementarity is a word you could use. Phenomenology is continental but making it operational might be Anglo-Saxon.  Gestalt psychology might be berlinish but some of its prime advocates turned Americans.

Think about it.

Norway is on top of The English Channel. Not on either side. Not part of the continent and closer to the sea. Maybe that is a reason why?

Think about that too.

© Knut Skjærven

Link to the original post at ON THE GO: Workbook for New Street Agenda.



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