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Visuals in Concert / New Street Agenda

Sunday, Sunday © Knut Skjærven

Sunday, Sunday © Knut Skjærven / Click image

Have you ever been to course in creativity, where the instructor has asked you to characterize yourself as an animal?

I have.

Maybe you see yourself as a lion? Maybe you are a mouse? Maybe something in between? Or something very different.

The idea is that the answers tell about your personality and even suggest which type of positions in a company you might be good at handling.

There are much more to it than this, but I am sure you get the idea.

Let’s try this in a slightly different way.

I often compare a street photograph to a piece of music and ask a few questions: One, what type of music is this photograph? Second, are there false tones played.

I might say; oh this is a typical bob dylan, a grieg, a mozart or even a wagner. Maybe a gun’s and roses or a typical pavarotti.

The overall question is always this; do these guys play in concert? Do they fit? Are the signals clear and are the noises kept in proportion?

I particularly hunt for visual noises. Visual noises are those visual elements that compete with or even disturb the main message of a photograph.

You could use this technique already when shooting. Go for a clear rhythm where elements are in concert. Or you could apply it later.

I find such a change of perspective to work really well. It lets me see things, that by giving them other names, becomes visible in new ways.

If you are a lion you may want to try this. If you are a mouse, you’d better not.

Good luck with it.

© Knut Skjærven

This post was originally included in ON THE GO: Workbook of New Street Agenda.


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