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Connotation Procedures / New Street Agenda

K-DAMM COUPLE © Knut Skjærven

K-DAMM COUPLE © Knut Skjærven /Click image.

Let’s not forget Roland Barthes and his connotation procedures from 1961.

No, things don’t fade with age. They mature. Particularly in this business where so many have so little to say about so much.

We will listen to Barthes once more. Here are his connotation procedures from the article The Photographic Message, that he published in 1961.

Numbered nicely as Barthes does in the article. There are 6 connotation procedures:  1) Trick Effects; 2) Pose; 3) Objects; 4) Photogenia; 5) Aestheticism; and  6) Syntax.

Connotations are normally set apart from denotations. Denotations are what is shown in a photograph, Connotations are the way it is shown.

Look at K-DAMM COUPLE at the next page.I would say that the picture shows a young man and a young woman. That would be what is denoted.  Pretty straightforward.

They are pretty relaxed, aren’t they? That would be what this photograph is connoting: Relaxation. Among other things.

Denotations would normally be fairly objective. Connotations would be said to be more subjective.

Barthes connotation procedures are tools that can be used to understand connotations. And use them in street photography.

Some procedures more elegant than others.

Maybe a few have timed out after all.

© Knut Skjærven

This text has today been posted to ON THE GO. The Workbook for New Street Agenda.


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