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Wholes and Parts / New Street Agenda


Hands On © Knut Skjærven

Hands On © Knut Skjærven

Wholes and parts.

Street scenes are always grasped as wholes.

Without such wholes there would be no context that parts could be part of. All would loose their meaning. After all, parts are parts because there are wholes to be part of.

Parts are of two types. There are parts that are pieces and there parts that are moments. This wisdom comes from phenomenology.

The difference is that parts as pieces you can, literally speaking, take apart. Parts as moments you cannot take apart.

If you confuse the two, you miss serious points.

Imagine that you are holding a print of a fine photograph. You tear a corner from it. Then have two parts. Those parts are pieces and the two have now a life of their own. You can frame them both and hang them on the wall.

Take the colour of the same photo. You cannot tear the the colour out of it even if that too is a part of the picture. The colour is a moment.

Other words for this phenomenon: Pieces are independent parts. Moments are non-independent parts. The first are abstractions, the second are concretes.

Here is one important consequence of this: The perception of a photograph is a non-independent part. It is a moment. Meaning: there is a bond between the photograph and the viewer of it. That bond you cannot get away from.

Seen from the other side, there is never a photograph unless there is a viewer of it.

Think about it.

© Knut Skjærven

This text has today been posted to ON THE GO. The Workbook for New Street Agenda.



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