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March Challenge / The Academy

Indian Summer © Knut Skjærven

Indian Summer © Knut Skjærven

We have come a long way.

We are in the process of resetting the idea and language of street photography and make a New Street Agenda.

Believe it or not, that is a rather tall order. We are on our way. On our very good way thanks not least to members of On Every Street: The Academy.

Over the winter we have made 4 monthly challenges and this, the fifth, is the last one. It is the Challenge for March 2014.

After that The Academy, and all its members, will take time to refuel and most likely start on a second term in November 2014.

Now to The March Challenge:

It goes like this: You are kindly asked to shoot an Inspirational. See The Wordbook for the precise description of an Inspirational.

The challenge comes in three steps.

First, you need to find an eminent shot done by your virtual mentor.

Your virtual mentor has be to a world famed street photographer: HCB, Burri, Parr, Frank, Erwitt. Or any other whom you prefer. You need to select a shot and tell The Academy about it. As you have to find a virtual mentor and tell about that too.

Second, you need to go out into the world an shoot an Inspirational. Again you are referred to The Wordbook for the precise description.

Third, you need to post your shot to March Challenge Album on The Academy.  You have to tell the story about what and why you have done to gain your fine Inspirational and what inspired you.

You have from today till the end of March to load your excellent Inspirational to the March Challenge Album.

As usual, you are welcome to test shots on the group wall and hear what other members have to say about your progress.

An Inspirational is, roughly, a photograph that is inspired by another photograph to the extent that the original concept and execution is recognisable by knowledgeable viewers.

It is not a copy of another shot, it is an Inspirational.

Got it?

Good luck with it.

© Knut Skjærven. All right reserved.


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