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The Most Exquisite Hat In Town

The Best Hat In Town © Knut Skjærven

The Most Exquisite Hat In Town © Knut Skjærven

Maybe this is off topic but you need to hear this story.  Since yesterday I am the proud owner of the most exquisite hats in town.

There might be one or two others in this class, but there are definitely not many.

Here is the story:

Copenhagen has got on of the finest hat shops I have even seen: Petitgas.  It dates back to 1857 and is one a very few original shops left in the city centre.

For many year is was owned by en elderly man, who always kept the same window exhibition.  Years in and years out.

I often passed by to admire the fine hats. There was particularly one that was a real beauty. It was placed at the back in the left hand side of the window. It was there for several years and I even have plenty of picture of it.

That is my dream hat, I said to myself, knowing that I could never afford the price of this particular fine hand made hat from Italy. Made in Allesandria.

Then something happened:

About a year ago I went by the shop once more and saw that changes had been made. My hat was gone and so were may others in that permanent display. I went inside to have a chat with the owner.

It turned out that the fine shop had been sold.

The new owner is Mr. Bernhard Tommerup, a hat lover that had it in his mind to preserve the old shop for the future.

What happened to the hat, I asked him and we had a friendly chat. Could I buy it even if it had aged in the window for many, many years?

Because of the constant light in the window the hat had taken on a weak suggestion of grey and lila on the upper side. The royal colour. Not much. Just a suggestion. It was still a beauty.

The hat was in the back of the shop, he said. He wanted to give it a thought.

You should know that I normally don’t wear hats, and it was too large anyway. I did not think more about it.

A year went by.

Yesterday, I had a mail from Mr. Bernhard Tommerup: If I still wanted the hat or if he should approach somebody else? I wrote back, thanked him for his kind message and said I would be there around 04.00 PM.

And I was.

He fetched the hat and this time it fitted. I have no idea why. Maybe from all this thinking, I thought.

The hat was and still is a beauty. It sits on my head this minute and it is perfect for writing. It has this wide brim they makes concentration easy.

Mr. Bernhard Tommerup wanted to cut off the mark that was inside indicating that the hat had never left the shop. I said, please don’t. So he didn’t.

If you are ever in Copenhagen you should visit this fine shop: Petitgas. It is the middle of town and as a tourist in Copenhagen you will be right by. Hat or no hat just go there.

What hat is it? This most exquisite hat in town?

It is a Borsalino Fedora Beaver from way back when they made proper hats with proper brims. It has never been used but anyone but me. Since last night.

Hat lovers will know what I am talking about. They would all want this hat.

I had been sitting there in the window all these years.  Waiting for the new owner of the shop.

And for me.

It is Mr. Tommerup right, and me on the left.

The picture is from January 14, 2014 17:09:23

© Knut Skjærven


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