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Two Of A Kind / New Street Agenda

Twin Sisters © Knut Skjærven

Twin Sisters © Knut Skjærven

Two of a kind is one of the basic themes within the gestalt factor of similarity.

Remember that each factor have different themes. Two of a kind is the most obvious of these themes.

The simplest to find and to shoot. You only need two of a kind, quite literally.

But be careful. Similarity is a rubber word and it can mean many things according to the contexts you use it in, and the definition you give it.

Are a monkey and an elephant two of a kind? They could be, if you want to set them apart from dead matter. They are two of an animal kind.

Are a man and woman two of a kind? Again, they could be if you want to set them apart from other species in the animal kingdom.

And so forth.

However, as we use the term here Two of a Kind have to be a bit more of a kind.

Look at the photo accompanying this post.

We say for two of a kind to works in street photography the Two of A kind have to be IN UNISON.

By that I mean that they need to have similarities that goes way beyond mere gender or species.

The two women in the shot are not only of the same gender, they are dressed similarly, have the same body position, even the same facial expression and stature. 

They look like mother and daughter and they might very well be just that.

This is the type of similarity you need to strive for. Why? For the simple reason that this type of close similarity gives you a more striking and interesting photograph.

That is what we are after in street photography. Possibly with a sense of humour to go with it.

Location: Stralsund, June 2012.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved.

This is a draft chapter to the workbook New Street Agenda. There is a workshop connected to it: New Street Agenda, Berlin June 12 – 15, 2014. If you are interested, please ask for more information at mail@theuropeans.eu or use the contact form below.

Good luck with it.

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