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January Challenge Up Running

January Challenge © Knut Skjærven

January Challenge © Knut Skjærven

Welcome to the January challenge at On Every Street: The Academy.

I load it this early so you can take advantage over Christmas holidays to shoot for it during the last weeks of December.  If you are still behind on the December Challenge you will have to shoot in parallel.

In the January challenge we introduce yet a gestalt factor that leads your innate perception of things. If a group of people, or a group of objects, act in unison, it is said that they have a Common Fate. 

Common Fates can be rather tedious or even boring because all is the same, so we in introduce and intruder to break the waves.

We call this intruder for a tensioner. He, she, it is there to liven things up. To create tension and thereby make a more interesting image.

A tensioner is one of more persons or objects that upsets the uniformity of a Common Fate. It, he, she or they create a dynamic tension in the street photo. Visually as well as perceptually.

In the photograph above the crowd of people paying attention to Mona Lisa is an example of Common Fate. The painting on the wall, Mona Lisa, is a tensioner as is the guy facing opposite.

That is the task then: From today till the end of january 2014, you will shoot commons fates and tensioners. Not in different shots, but in the very same shots. You will do it explicitly so that no one, not even a single Swede, are in doubt as to what they are looking at :-).

Speak load and clear. Be articulate.

While your are at it, please try to find photographs from famous street photographers that brighten their shots with commons fates and tensioners.  Link them so we all can see them.

The new terms are already in place in The Wordbook. Go refresh them there if you need it.

Good street shooting over Christmas. Don’t forget that we are about to change the game of street photography and that you are part of it.

Good luck with it.

© Knut Skjærven

Click image to go to The Academy.


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