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From The Real World: The Couple

The Couple © Knut Skjærven

The Couple © Knut Skjærven

Comment made to a photo posted to On Every Street: The Academy. Click image to go there.

My turn.

Thus shot dates back from before Figure/Ground/Frame and Nodes were made a theme. So this is pure reflex shooting (in which all the challenge elements are present).

It is shot in September 2013. Yes, that old.

I was aware of four things: the white box, the couple, the photographer and people moving in the background. I wanted all of these to fit.

I also had de the larger graphics in place: white box vs non white box. The lines connected to that.

My initial Figure was the couple, but it turned towards a combination of the couple and the photographer as one not competing but complementary unit. So that was initially the Figure.

Looking at the photo today from a more objective point of view, I would say that the couple is the Figure because it is so strong both in placement, size and articulation. The two people are a Node as well they hold several more Nodes in them.

That said, both the the couple and the photographer are so distinct that they both can pass as Figues. As with the duck and the rabbit you can shift between them upon will.

My idea was, then, this morning to introduce a FIRST FIGURE and A SECOND FIGURE to The Wordbook so we can work with both in the future. That seems to be a useful pair.

As for negative content, here the open white space, yes I enjoy that not only for its beauty and simplicity, but also because is stresses the importance of the main subject(s). Perla In Bianca …..

Yes, it is an open space full of opportunity for the reader of the image to penetrate with his/hers imagination.

When all of this is said, I note that none of you have commented on the existence of the little ladies outside the Second Frame (the box). They are there to remind us that whatever we plan or think we do well or incapsulate, they are there to remind us that it is all really a game. There is another world outside.

Something like that.

Added: Again the stress of figure/ground/second frame/nodes in the November challenge are not here for our temporary entertainment. You need to sink these things in, and many more to come, so you in one little flash of a moment you can recognise them for future photography. When you are out there.

Good luck with it. Good day to .

© Knut Skjærven 2013


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