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Perla In Bianca Fronte. Part Two.

The Tourist © Knut Skjærven

The Tourist © Knut Skjærven

I am sure you remember the post named Perla In Bianca Fronte. It is supposed to translate Pearl On A White Forehead. That is the way I use it.

Pearls don’t always come alone, and the intriguing question is what happens if we places two white pearls on someone’s white forehead? Both visible and at some distance from each other.

What happens is this: They relate.

Maybe they find each other in some sort of unity, or maybe tension arises? One wants to dominate or take the lead. That is heard of. In short, in one way or other they relate.

Small arrows shoot out from each of them seeking out the nature of the other.

Not unlike what happens when two figures of similar size and stature meet each other inside a picture frame. Like the man and the woman in the shot above. Vectors are at work.

The intriguing question comes with three new terms that we will use in The Academy from this moment on.

Here is the first terms. Centric System; here is the second term; Eccentric System, and not least the third term; Vectors. 

Here is how we will use them:

A Centric System is a system or a structure that is self-contained. It is what it is and don’t need anything else. Like the single pearl on the single forehead. Or the man or the women in the photograph. Taken alone.

An Eccentric System is a system or a structure that reaches out to something beyond itself. Like a second pearl on the same forehead.  Like the man and the woman taken together. The one photographing the other.

Vectors are the visible or invisible arrows that shoot out from each of the two: pearls or people.  Either in tension or in non tension, harmony or balance. “For our purpose, a vector is a force sent out like an arrow from a center of energy in a particular direction.”. (Rudolf Arnheim, 1988).

A street photograph, or should I say, particularly a street photograph, is a complex system of centric and eccentric forces and of vectors connecting or disconnection the forces. This triangle is at play in every  photograph you have seen and you will ever see.

Even is this one.

Very good day to you all.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved.


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