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The Countdown: Girl With Bike

Girl With Bike © Knut Skjærven

Girl With Bike © Knut Skjærven

Yes, you are going to see some of these images plenty of times. You simple have to look away if your eyes start burning.

You know that On Every Street; The Academy opened not so long ago, and that the first briefing was given yesterday on Street Photographer’s Toolbox.

The first challenge runs during November 2013.

The task is to shoot and load from 1 to 3 images, where the following criteria are met: a) a clear and distinct FIGURE; b) a supportive GROUND; c) a set of SECOND FRAMES to direct attention; d) and a number of NODES included to establish subcenters of attention and interest.

You will find explanations of these terms in the briefing just mentioned.

In street photography it is rather a tall order to land a shot like that, but all members of The Academy are dedicated street photographers.

To give an example of how  a photo could meet/not meet such criteria, I picked this one and posted the following brief analysis on The Academy.

Be my guest:

Hmm, even if it was not the intention with the load of this image, let me as an example evaluate it AS IF it was a submission for the November challenge. 

And I was asked to do it.

How well, or how un-well, does it work as a response to the challenge?

I would say that the FIGURE in this image was the young lady with her bike. 

GROUND, would then be the rest of the image. 

You could say there was a slight competition for the role of FIGURE as the car weight in considerably.

There is no problem in this, but the solution is not absolute to the point as the briefing asks for ONE FIGURE and not for two possibly, competing FIGURES.

There is no SECOND FRAME in this shot, but you might say that the PROXIMITY of the two FIGURES and the DIRECTIONS suggested both from the group in the car and the young lady, holds the concentration on these two elements. The dynamics lies there.

There are NODES in the picture. I refer particularly to certain bodily position of the bike lady and also to the people in the car. (I will do a separate post on NODES later).

The overall FRAMING is suggested to be good as there are no competing or distraction elements or dynamics.

The crop is precise.

THE CONCLUSION is that this may very well be an acceptable photograph, but it is not a precise answer to the November challenge. For the reasons given above.

My 2P .

Why post this example here? For the simple reason that Facebook is not good for storing things and posted to The Wall, as a comment to a picture post, it will soon be out of reach.

Now you know. Have a good evening.

© Knut Skjærven


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