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The Countdown: Two Plus to Go

The Main Station © Knut Skjærven

The Main Station © Knut Skjærven

Something I made a note of.

Maybe, I should start by saying, that the first time I set foot in Berlin was in August 2007. Based on a recommendation. You will like it, she said.

So I went on a package tour for 3 days and ended up in a small hotel, Hotel Air, not far from Kurfürstendamm. Old west side.

The reason for the trip was that I was about arranging a photo summit in June 2008. I needed to do preparations for that. Finding the right busses, the good hotels, the restaurants, the U and S bahns. And so forth.

Good preparations make for better executions.

Later, I started reading about Berlin and asked around in different bookshop for historical literature about the city and surroundings. Here is what I noted: Most books about Berlin, or about northern Germany for that matter, are written by foreigners. Very, very few that I could find, by Germans.

Here are some of the titles: Peter Watson: The German Genius (this book is brilliant); David Clay Large: Berlin; Frederick Taylor: The Berlin Wall; Anthony Beevor; Berlin The Downfall 1945; Roger Moorhouse: Berlin At War; Ian Kershaw: The End.

Plus many others.

Widening the scope  a little you have Christopher Clark: Iron Kingdom and his recent: The Sleepwalkers.

I seemed to me that if Germans want to read about themselves they largely have to rely on foreigners to do so. Strange, I though, in this nation of constant readers. For me very convenient since I read English better than I,  assisted by a dictionary, read German.

I am not saying that my experience is representative, but even in the larger bookshops in Berlin, they could confirm this tendency.

Why is this relevant here? I will tell you in another post. Something interesting is about to happen. It sheds lights both on The Secret Mission and On Every Street: The Academy.

You have to stay tuned.  Today is Sunday and I smell moules marinières. The French way.

I am off.

© Knut Skjærven


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