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Berlin: Sixth Day

Elevator Love © Knut Skjærven

Elevator Love © Knut Skjærven

Lazy today. Then again not that lazy. Good things happened and one slightly irritating.

Let me start with the irritating thing.  I picked up the new visit cards I ordered yesterday, but when I came home not long ago I found that they had measured them incorrectly. Sigh, so I have to go back for a chat with them Monday.

The good thing was that when I wanted to take the train from Savignyplatz the train driver, or what he is called, actually held back the train for me. He saw me coming and he reverted the signal so I could open the door and get in. He even smiled. First time in my life someone has held back a train for me. One big point to The Berliners here.

I visited my favourite book shop, Dussmann,  in Mitte and got me two books and a cup of coffee in the basement cafe which is very relaxing.  It even comes with a vertical garden. Yes, it does.

The books I bought were Rolf Dobelly: The Art OF Thinking Clearly and Daniel Everett:  Language. The Cultural Tool. I thought I could do with a bit of both.

Oh, when having coffee a drafted a 10 points scenario for an online training version of The Toolbox.   It seems that I kind of committed myself to that two days ago.

As I said lazy, but not that lazy.

For those who have read Dobelli’s book I really liked the story when Max Planck toured Germany after he got the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.  The chauffeur, who came with him volunteered  to do the lecture for him in Munich since he knew it all by heart.  Just for the change of scenery. And so he did, with Max Planck sitting in the front row listening. Pretending to be the driver.

From that springs the distinction between real knowledge and chauffeur knowledge, which could be really useful within street photography also. Let me, however, leave the elaboration on that for a rainy day. The short version is that chauffeur knowledge is something that you have learned by heart, but don’t understand much of.

Have a great evening. Tomorrow is election day here. Very important election it is too.  I will eat my hat if Angela M. does not win.

See you.

© Knut Skjærven 2013. All rights reserved.


2 comments on “Berlin: Sixth Day

  1. TC
    September 22, 2013

    Sometimes the laziest days are the most productive 🙂

    • Knut Skjaerven
      September 22, 2013

      That is very true, Tony.

      What happened was that a person in California asked for information about the next workshop in Berlin.

      I have so much new information gathered that I am in a position to do a fairly good online course stretching over some months. Me thinks.

      The challenge is to cook it down to basics. To make it operational.

      I told her not to spend money to come to Europe, and that I would do an online course in stead for people far away. That was extravagant.

      I have been thinking about it for some time but never got around to structure it much. So I did that yesterday. Now I need to fill in the blanks and just get it moving. I have given myself a month to do this.

      I have bought a small book, of the type you know, with blank pages to do it :-). And two new pens. That is a good start.

      Best of days to you, Tony :-). Good Sunday.


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