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Berlin: First Day

I arrived in Berlin late this evening.

The main reason I am here this time is to visit Berliner Liste, ABC and  Preview.

Berliner Liste is all in place , but ABC wants me to send them a copy of my press card which I do not have.  Seems that ABC is so conservative that they think you need to have a press card to be able to write. Or take pictures.

Preview has not answered me yet.  Maybe I don’t bother.

Oh yes, I also hope to write an article for Leica and get the frame production for Council Of Europe project going.  Hopefully I will do some writing of my own too. Like publishing the first tiny posts to this personal site that is long overdue, by the way.

I need to get up early tomorrow morning  and every morning while here.

See you soon. Have a good day.

© Knut Skjærven


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